club Detox Hosts Detox Retreat with RHOC Star Vicki Gunvalson

Real Housewives of Orange County Reality star Vicki Gunvalson spends a weekend focusing on health and vitality

Laguna Niguel, CA – (August 2, 2015) – club Detox, the leading provider of revolutionary detox programs, today announced an official start of detox retreat series in collaboration with the OG of OC, Vicki Gunvalson.

Club Detox is providing detox programs to remove toxins, lose stubborn weight and prevent disease. The company’s services are focused on the concept of addressing the body as whole and helping clients to heal not only the body, soul but also the spirit. Stress is a major factor in today’s fast paced society and can lead into many chronic health issues. Taking time aside for yourself to de-stress and relax is an important step towards complete health and vitality.

The company’s detox retreats are focusing on restoring an internal balance through raw juices, living foods, meditation, breathing exercise, yoga, massage and other distressing methods and treatments. Vicki Gunvalson and few other clients enjoyed the beautiful setting at the Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara, CA to get their minds away from busy lives and focus on the simple pleasures of life while surrounded by natural beauty and real friends.

“I love detoxing and spending this weekend with people that inspire me and believe in me,” wrote Gunvalson.

“Taking a short break and focusing on our health is very important and must to do. Health is something we many times take for granted and don’t realize until we don’t have it. Health is something we need to protect and take care of on daily basis. I am thrilled that our first retreat was such as a great success and look forward to many more in the coming future,” says Koloma.

clubDetox programs offer a revolutionary approach to health and beauty. Toxic, tired body can never radiate natural beauty nor produce lean beautiful body. It is a closed system and everything works together. Club Detox is looking at the root cause of weight or disease struggle and helps clients to remove it at its source. Removing toxins and rebooting the body is the recipe and the company is revolutionizing not only the health care but also beauty industry. No one wants to be sick, fat and tired; and club Detox delivers the perfect natural solution. Health is the most important wealth.

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About clubDetox

Established in 2012, clubDetox was born out of a desperate need to find health and energy in a sick, overmedicated and overweight body of the company’s Founder and CEO. When Koloma’s body was literally falling apart and bedridden it was her turning point to find the answers. Turning to Nature she discovered the healing powers of human body when it is supplied with needed nourishment, energy and when poisons are removed. Mrs. Koloma developed unique detox and cleansing protocol to establish proper homeostasis in the human body. The company’s programs are one of its kind addressing broad demographics of anyone wanting energy, strength and longevity. For more information, visit

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